Youth Leadership


America On Track's Youth Leadership Program
gives a multi-cultural group of dedicated teenagers
an opportunity to address critical issues
that face our society today.

Additionally the selected teens undergo comprehensive training in order to participate in a unique multi-faceted, interactive weekly mentoring and fitness program with at-risk youth, under the supervision of On Track staff members and adult volunteers.

The program provides teens with:

mentoring, health fairs, conferences, fitness & nutrition,
merchant education, and community beautification.

Monthly ongoing training is provided to teach teen volunteers creative leadership techniques so they can have a strong impact when speaking out to the community or peers on critical issues. Coaching and guidance is imperative in order to prepare them to mentor younger challenged children who are eager to emulate them and follow in their footsteps. Weekly coaching is also provided for teens who want to assist in presenting lessons on character development, music appreciation, leadership and nutrition and health related issues.