Terry Thompson

Terry-Head-ShotTerry Thompson is the President and Co-Founder of the award-winning nonprofit organization America On Track…Teaming Communities and Youth for a Safer Society. In addition to being the President, Terry is the Project Director of various On Track programs, and has won numerous awards for her volunteer work and the On Track programs she has designed and implemented with co-founder, Claire Braeburn. In 1999, Terry and Claire received the prestigious President’s Service Award for Exemplary Volunteer Achievements given to them at the Oval Office. (Please see Awards section for a full list of awards.)

Terry has a strong background in business, public speaking, writing and editing, and community service work. In spite of a challenging childhood, having to leave home at the age of 15, and coming to the United States at seventeen years old without friends or family, Terry has always been a pragmatic optimist and believes in turning negatives into positives. She graduated magna cum laude from CSULB. In addition to completing a 2-year MFA program, she later received her Certified Financial Planner designation at USC, and went on to establish a financial planning business. However, over the years, her desire to promote tolerance, compassion, and non-violence inspired her to do research into what has now become America On Track (for more details, please see Our Story). Terry has been a resident and business owner in Orange County for over 30 years. Terry's many hobbies include nature photography, gardening, reading and going to concerts with her family. Terry and her husband still enjoy living in Orange County in close proximity to their two wonderful daughters and their families.

Terry-with-M&ATerry is a firm believer in the importance of holistic leadership. She believes that building and continuing to build an effective organization requires teamwork, collaboration, diversity, innovation, and co-operation. She feels that America On Track must continue to have the capacity to convert purpose and vision into action, which has personally meant that she and co-founder Claire Braeburn have hands-on experience working in the field with volunteers, schools, disadvantaged families, mentors, community partners and leaders. Working with thousands of people from many different walks of life is an enriching and motivating aspect of her work.