Claire Braeburn

Claire BraeburnClaire Braeburn is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the award-winning nonprofit organization America On Track…Teaming Communities and Youth for a Safer Society. With a strong background in computer technology, public speaking, and marketing, Claire was instrumental in launching On Track with co-founder Terry Thompson, as well as in developing a solid infrastructure for ongoing success. Over the years, Claire and Terry have been the recipients of numerous awards for their outstanding youth, fitness, and drug prevention programs, including the President’s Service Award. (Please see Our Story and the Awards section for more information and a full list of awards.)

Claire Braeburn graduated from UCLA in 1990 and immediately began developing her career as a public speaker and community leader. She obtained her certification in Neuro Associative Conditioning ("NAC") – the science of success conditioning, and went on to conduct business and training seminars in Southern California.

During her years at UCLA, Claire worked as a Community Service Officer (“CSO”) for the UCLA Police Department, and as a volunteer for the UCLA Medical Center, Children’s Ward, and Prison Coalition. She also held various positions with a publishing company in Santa Monica, California that produced and marketed motivational tapes and books. This business experience further reinforced her belief in the “power of positive action.” As a member of Toastmasters International, Claire has enjoyed serving as the president of her club, while winning numerous public speaking awards.

Claire and Dan LungrenIn October 1997, Claire Braeburn was the only adult representative in Orange County appointed by Attorney General Dan Lungren to a 14-month term on his Youth Council on Violence Prevention. As one of only 20 members of the Attorney General’s Youth Council on Violence Prevention, Claire has gained and contributed valuable insight as to the key strategies for violence prevention in the State of California. Additionally, Claire was a founding member of the Violence Prevention Coalition of Orange County, and has been an active participant of the Irvine Prevention Coalition, the Treasurer of the Orange County Mentoring Partnership, and the Chair of the Santa Ana Weed & Seed SPIRIT & SAINT Coalitions. In June 2011, Claire was elected as the Chairperson of the Orange County Tobacco Education Coalition.

Claire with Teen MentorsAs an exceptional athlete in many sports and a vegetarian since 1991, Claire knows the rewards of staying physically and mentally fit. One of her goals is to continually be a role model for our youth. In addition to enjoying just about every outdoor sport, especially running and kayaking, Claire takes pleasure in going to classical concerts and operas with her family, as well as spending time with her husband and two beautiful children.